PSMFC Fisheries Information Network Newsletter

New PacFIN/RecFIN QueryBuilder Application

Jason Edwards

The PSMFC Fishery Information Networks (FIN) continually aim to improve the accessibility and comprehensibility of West Coast fisheries data to our end users. To this end, PacFIN and RecFIN have recently developed QueryBuilder, an online interface that allows users to create customized data reports from the PacFIN and RecFIN databases.

The Querybuilder tool is a dynamic, web-based application built in Oracle APEX, the same development platform as our current reporting system. Users can generate and save customized queries with features such as aggregate functions, filters, and sorting from the PacFIN and RecFIN database comprehensive tables. These saved queries are linked to the user’s account and can be easily accessed, edited, and updated in the QueryBuilder interface from the PacFIN and RecFIN websites.

The initial version of the QueryBuilder tool was released in late 2019. During its development, beta versions were tested by PSMFC personnel and PacFIN and RecFIN authorized users. Users suggested more advanced features to improve functionality and useability, and Interjurisdictional Fisheries Act (IJFA) funding was secured to further develop the QueryBuilder application. Ongoing development will expand data accessibility by allowing users to query and download raw (non-aggregated) data, and improve functionality by adding more summarization and filtering options. Additionally, stored queries will be available to be shared among data users, and the Large Data Export (LDE) feature will be incorporated into the tool to allow users to more efficiently download very large files generated from queried data.

The QueryBuilder application provides a complement to the current PacFIN and RecFIN APEX reports and allows more flexibility and increased functionality to advanced data users. For questions/feedback about the tool, or to request access to QueryBuilder, please contact Jason Edwards or Rob Ames. Additionally, please refer to the QueryBuilder User Manual for detailed instructions on how to access and use the application.