RecFIN Statistics Subcommittee

The statistics Subcommittee advises the Technical Committee on statistical issues. The Statistics Subcommittee has reviewed sample surveys, analyzed data collections, researched designs, methods and procedures, and has produced a number of documents for the Technical Committee. Most of the work of this subcommittee has been analysis toward making improvements to RecFIN data.


Joe Weinstein

California Department of Fish and Game

John Foster

NOAA NMFS - Fisheries Statistics Division F/ST1

Leif Anderson

NOAA NMFS - Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Dr. E.J. Dick

NOAA NMFS - Southwest Fisheries Science Center

Dave Van Voorhees

NOAA - Office of Science and Technology

Bryan Wright

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Kristen Ryding

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Theresa Tsou

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

* indicates Chairperson