RecFIN Technical Committee

The Technical Committee guides project operations and has meetings twice a year. The committee also has ad-hoc telephone conferences to work on decisions between meetings. Staff on this committee have detailed knowledge of RecFIN operations, recreational fisheries data, survey sampling methods, and member agency rules and regulations in order to facilitate coordination of data collection and delivery.


Mike Brown

California Department of Fish and Game

Kelly Ames

NOAA - West Coast Regional Recreational Fisheries Coordinator

Rob Andrews

NOAA - Office of Science and Technology

E. J. Dick

NOAA - Southwest Fisheries Science Center

Jim Hastie

NOAA - Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Dave Van Voorhees

NOAA - Office of Science and Technology

Charles Villafana

NOAA - West Coast Region

Justin Ainsworth

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

John DeVore

Pacific Fishery Management Council

Heather Reed

PFMC - Groundfish Management Team

Wendy Beeghley

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

* indicates Chairperson